Timber Cladding

Mon Timber offers a great choice of timber cladding for building facades, to suit your budget and design style.

Wood cladding is a robust, lightweight material that offers a beneficial, natural aesthetic that makes the exterior or interior of a building appear more attractive. It provides a reliable protective layer on the outside of the structure.

Suitable for both internal and external applications on new build and refurbishment projects, timber wall cladding is a versatile choice of building material.

Improving the lifespan and functionality of a cladding system can be done quickly and easily through the application of treatments, which can also be used to create a distinctive and unique look for the structure.

In addition, we provide everything you will need to complete your cladding project.

Timber ; the Ultimate Renewable Resource

As trees grow, they take in carbon dioxide from the air, effectively capturing carbon that can be stored when the tree is used as a building material.

Timber is a natural product that requires less energy to produce than concrete or steel, and as a renewable resource, it can be recycled at the end of its life.

At Mon Timber we supply FSC® certified and PEFC certified products sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Our home-grown timber have a much lower impact on the environment than those that are brought in from other places.

Timber Cladding Supplies

Trusted Advice & Service for Timber Cladding

The Premier Claddings range is created by Premier Forest Products, a reputable and independent supplier of timber products that offers reliable nationwide delivery from various locations throughout the UK.

Our team of specialists is available to offer expert advice and guidance throughout your project, from start to finish, and even afterwards by providing after-care advice to ensure you get the most out of your cladding. Additionally, we can supply all necessary materials to complete your project, such as wall battensfixings, and other related items, and advise on them as well!

Timber Cladding Profiles & Styles

We manufacture Premier Claddings using high-quality timber, which is expertly machined in-house at Premier Forest Product’s workshops in the UK.

Our claddings come in various styles to accommodate any budget, and we can even create customised profiles to suit your unique design. The standard range of Premier Claddings profiles includes:

Tongue & Groove V-Joint

Tongue and groove cladding can be fitted vertically or horizontally. Bevel on both edges creates a V-shaped groove.

Horizontal Shadow Gap

These are installed horizontally with the profile allowing for hidden fixings including nails and screws. Can provide a modern or traditional finish.

Vertical Shadow Gap

Designed to be fitted vertically giving a modern finish, especially on tall, thin structures.

Shiplap Cladding

A traditional profile fitted horizontally and often used for shed cladding. The profile includes an overlap and rain channel to provide excellent waterproofing.

Featheredge Rebated

Horizontally installed, Rebated Featheredge emphasises the façade’s width, while the overlapping tapered boards create shadow lines and a textured appearance.

Roof Shingles Cladding

Featheredge Sawn

Also known as weatherboarding. Sawn board cut diagonally and fitted horizontally creating an overlap for rain protection.


Installed horizontally. Chamfered on both edges with an overlap for water drainage.

Waney Edge

One edge le with the ‘wavy’ edge often including the bark and the other edge cut square. Overlapping boards to be fitted horizontally.


Often used for roofs and installed like tiles (overlapped & pinned).

Shou Sugi Ban Charred Timber Cladding

Uses the ancient Japanese art of burning or charring wood and is available in a range of colours.

What cladding material suits you?

Your choice of timber species will depend on your desired aesthetic, budget, and durability requirements. Premier Cladding boards provides a broad selection of species to suit different budgets, and we can assist in selecting the most appropriate timber for your unique needs.

Our standard species offerings include Western Red Cedar, Imported Douglas Fir, European Redwood, Homegrown Cedar, and Homegrown Larch. As a general rule, Western Red Cedar is the highest quality option, with Homegrown Larch as the most cost-effective.

In addition to our standard offerings, we can also supply Red Grandis, European Oak, and Iroko as special order species.

Treatments for Timber Cladding

Any treatments that are completed in the manufacturing stage are more effective and long-lasting compared to applying them after installation. We can provide factory- applied treatments that can extend the lifespan of your cladding and enhance its durability such as Thermowood®, Accoya and Shou-Sugi-Ban®.

For both internal and external applications, we have specialised fire treatments available. In addition, we can apply coatings like paints and stains to customise your cladding to your specific needs.

To keep up with the latest architectural trends, we collaborate with experts to offer a range of unique and modern Japanese-inspired Shou-Sugi-Ban® Charred Cladding. To preserve the desired aesthetics and style in the long term, always seek advice about treatment and after-care.

Timber Cladding Accessories

In addition to the cladding panels, Mon Timber supplies all the accessories you’ll need to complete your project including the External trims in the matching timber species.

thermowood cladding

Product Gallery

Take a look at the claddings range on our online store, www.milltimberdirect.co.uk, or give us a call if you need advice.

We offer delivery on cladding across much of South Wales, including Cardiff, Newport, Cwmbran, and Caerphilly, plus delivery across the U.K.
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