Fencing Supplies

Mon Timber offers a wide selection of modern, classic and decorative wooden panels, plus heavy-duty trellis, suited to screening, fencing and partitioning.

In addition, we provide quality supplies, timber & accessories for installing wooden fence panels, so you can buy everything you need for your project from one place. 

With style and privacy in mind, our timber panels are ideal for landscaping and domestic garden fencing, as well as for secure perimeter fencing and light commercial use. 

Our premium quality, classic panels (feather edge or close board panels, and overlap panels) are manufactured in partnership with SDL Solutions in the heart of South Wales.

Throughout the entire making process, each crafted panel is inspected to make sure it meets high standards. Watch the video to see how our fence panels are made.

Classic Fence Panels

Our traditional-look feather edge (sometimes called close board) and overlap panels are made from pressure-treated timber with up to 30% more wood than most of our competitors. 

Mon Timber provides a heavy-duty, sturdy option for people looking for robust, durable and long-lasting timber designed to withstand the British weather! 

Before the panels are assembled, the wood is given a full treatment of high-grade preservatives to ensure deep and comprehensive penetration. Both brown and green treatments are available; both offer the same protection, so the colour choice is down to your personal preference. 

The green treatment gives a subtle yellowy-green colour which aims to retain the beautiful, natural grain of the wood.

cladding-fencing 2

Key Benefits of Premier Classic Panels

Decorative Fence Panels

Mon Timber supplies a range of modern, decorative panels including the popular KyotoEuropa and Europa Prague styles, plus Lattice and heavy-duty trellis panels.  

Lattice is suitable to fix to walls or fencing to enable climbing plants to grow as an attractive garden feature. Our strong, heavy-duty trellis panels can be fixed to the top of classic panels or fitted as a panel in its own right, again to support climbing plants. 

Contemporary screen panels are a popular, on-trend choice and are available in a variety of species to suit your budget. 

If you are looking for a versatile, more cost-effective alternative to contemporary panels, Mon Timber offers screen cladding.

Screen cladding provides a similar look to a contemporary panel, it also offers more flexibility in terms of size, as you can easily customise the cladding to fit your fence.

europa prague fence panel

Depending on your budget, we have many wood species to choose from, including western red cedar, homegrown larch and imported Douglas Fir. 

Planned Square Edge (PSE) is another cost-effective alternative to contemporary screen panels and screen cladding, which can be used as fencing. We offer a range of Treated PSE ensuring that it will be suitable for the outdoors.

cladding-fencing 1

Fencing Timber & Accessories

In addition to wooden panels, Mon Timber supplies all the fence board you’ll need to complete your project. 

Our Fence Panel Calculator  will help you with ordering what you need: 

If you’d rather build your fence from scratch, we also sell in addition: 

Try our Feather Edge Fence Calculator if you’re not sure what to order.

Product Gallery

Take a look at the full fencing range on our online store www.milltimberdirect.co.uk, or give us a call if you need any advice.

We promise to provide customers with a professional, first-class service, whether
it’s a small DIY project or a large commercial build.

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