Planed Smooth Timber

At Mon Timber, we offer a vast selection of planed timber to cater to all your building, joinery, and landscaping needs.  Planed timber is often called PAR (planed all round) or PSE (planed square edge). It is manufactured by planing the timber on all four sides to create a smooth and uniform finish.

Our range of planed timbers includes redwood and whitewood, with each timber coming in various lengths and widths for those interior projects. We also have a range of planed timbers which comes already treated for those exterior joinery and landscaping jobs.

Mon Timber can supply a range of FSC® certified and PEFC certified smooth planed timber sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Redwood & Whitewood PAR Timber

Redwood and whitewood are two commonly used types of timber that have unique properties and uses in construction and woodworking projects. When planning to use redwood or whitewood timber, it is important to consider their respective characteristics and the intended application to ensure the best results.

Redwood Timber

Known for its durability and resistance to decay, making it a popular choice for outdoor construction projects such as decks, fences and outdoor furniture. Its rich colour and natural beauty also make it a popular choice for interior design features such as paneling and trim work. Redwood is easy to work with and can be stained or painted to match any design scheme.

Whitewood Timber

Also known as spruce or pine, whitewood is a more economical option that is commonly used in construction framing and general woodworking projects. Whitewood has a light colour and uniform texture, making it easy to stain or paint to achieve a desired finish. It is also a popular choice for furniture and cabinetry.

Overall, redwood and whitewood timber offer unique properties and versatility in a range of construction and woodworking applications. Careful planning and consideration of their respective characteristics can help ensure successful and durable results in any project.

Treated Planed Timber

Treated planed timber is a popular choice for outdoor construction projects such as fences, decking, and pergolas. It is manufactured by planing the timber on all four sides to create a smooth and uniform finish, and then treating it to protect it from rot, decay, and insect damage.

The treatment process typically involves pressure treating the timber with copper and organic compounds, which penetrates deep into the wood fibers to create a long-lasting and effective barrier against environmental factors. This ensures that the timber will remain structurally sound and resistant to decay for many years, even in harsh weather conditions.

At Mon Timber, we offer treated planed redwood timber lengths and planed fence pickets, which are ideal for creating durable and attractive outdoor structures. Redwood is a popular choice for its natural beauty and resistance to decay, while the planed finish gives it a smooth and consistent appearance that is easy to work with.

Whether you are building a new fence, adding a deck, or creating an outdoor structure, treated planed timber is a reliable and cost-effective choice that will stand the test of time. With proper installation and maintenance, it can provide many years of reliable performance and aesthetic appeal.

planed smooth timber

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